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Flora is a tech startup based in San Jose, CA. Piezo actuator technology is our DNA. At Flora, we are proud to be pioneers in the development of advanced piezo composite materials for high-end audio and haptic applications. Our Dragonfly is the world’s first full-range piezo speaker, and it’s a testament to our dedication to pushing the boundaries of piezo actuator technology.

Through relentless innovation and strong partnerships, we bring to our valued customers the most cutting-edge audio and haptic solutions in the market.


To empower device manufacturers in crafting their new and captivating audio and haptic products.


To emerge as a frontrunner in component supply for the audio and haptic industry.

Our values

Innovating everything we do

At Flora, we are committed to three core values: innovation, integrity, and excellence. We believe that innovation is essential to success and strive to put it at the heart of everything we do. We also place a high value on integrity and seek to build long-term relationships with our customers and partners based on trust and mutual respect. Finally, we are dedicated to doing everything with excellence, ensuring that every product and service we offer is of the highest quality.

Meet our founder

Dr. Tony Nguyen, Founder/CEO


Tony is a highly accomplished professional with a proven track record in R&D for high-volume military and consumer electronics in Silicon Valley. Tony’s passion for piezo materials and smart structures dates back to his graduate studies, and he has since become an expert in the field. Colleagues often describe him as super hardworking, resilient, and innovative. As a skilled problem solver, he loves to build things from the ground up, using his specialized knowledge to create cutting-edge technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible. His dedication and ingenuity have resulted in multiple patents and publications in various journals.

When Tony is not busy building things, he enjoys his free time camping, running, or tending to his collection of exotic orchids. He is a former vice-president of the Santa Clara Valley Orchid Society. Tony is an ex-Microsoft.  


Partner with us today!

We collaborate with device manufacturers of all scales, from small startups to global corporations, to pioneer innovative audio and haptic products, enabling them to lead the market. Please complete the form and let us how we can assist you. You can also email us at contact@flora.tech.


San Jose, CA

Our office

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