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OLED, micro LED TVs and monitors  


Outdated electrodynamic speakers

Contemporary TV display technologies like OLED and micro LED are exceptionally thin. Nevertheless, OLED and micro LED TVs still have notable thickness primarily due to the size of their built-in electrodynamic speakers. Furthermore, as speakers become slimmer, their sound quality tends to degrade significantly. Additionally, due to limited space, the speakers must be positioned at the bottom of the TVs, resulting in a lack of synchronization between the audio and the displayed visuals.

Novel piezoelectric speakers for TVs, monitors, tablets, laptops


Displays become the speakers

With a thickness of under 3mm, Dragonfly™ can seamlessly adhere to the backside of an OLED or micro LED display, effectively converting it into a full range speaker. This innovation brings forth several key benefits:

  • Sound from the picture: By strategically placing multiple Dragonfly™ units across the display, it enables the creation of 3D stereo sounds that perfectly synchronize with actions on the screen.
  • Slim TV design: This technology allows the TV to have a slim profile with a thickness of 10mm or less.
  • Immersive sound experience: It delivers sound with exceptional clarity, transparency, and precise directivity. The TV can also function as the center channel in a surround sound system.


Sound directly from screen

We’ve retrofitted an existing OLED TV with eight Dragonfly™ audio units (four on the left and four on the right), seamlessly transforming the display into a full-range speaker that perfectly synchronizes sound with the displayed visuals. Contact us at contact@flora.tech to schedule a live demo!

Other Applications

Unlock the potential

Being thin, lightweight, and efficient, Dragonfly™ offers distinct advantages that pave the way for a multitude of potential applications. It provides hardware designers with an exceptional opportunity to create innovative audio solutions that were previously beyond reach.