Cabin speakers for commercial aircrafts

Cross-section of a conventional electrodynamic loudspeaker


Heavy electrodynamic speakers

Each item on board an aircraft contributes to increased weight, resulting in higher fuel consumption. Electrodynamic speakers incorporate coils and magnets, which contribute to their weight, usually ranging between 2 to 5 pounds. It’s estimated that carrying one additional pound in an aircraft cabin incurs approximately $30 per year in fuel costs. Large commercial airplanes may incorporate up to approximately 350 speakers. Consequently, over its typical 30-year lifespan, an aircraft’s sound system can cost the airline hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional fuel expenses. 


Turn interior panels into the speakers

Dragonfly™ can be easily attached to the backsides of cabin panels, transforming them into concealed speakers, offering several key benefits: 

  • Weight Reduction: Weighing under 50 grams, Dragonfly™ has the potential to reduce an aircraft’s sound system weight by up to 90%.

  • Sound Quality: Functioning as a flat panel speaker, it provides immersive sound with transparency and detail, evenly filling the entire cabin.

  • Seamless Interior Design: Eliminating the need for openings or grilles, it enables a streamlined and uncompromised interior design.

Other Applications

Unlock the potential

Being thin, lightweight, and efficient, Dragonfly™ offers distinct advantages that pave the way for a multitude of potential applications. It provides hardware designers with an exceptional opportunity to create innovative audio solutions that were previously beyond reach.