A revolution in piezo composite materials

Piezo actuators to create audio or haptic feedback on any surface 


Introducing Dragonfly™

Dragonfly™ by FLORA is the world’s first full range (60 – 20 kHz) ultra thin piezo actuator. It can be easily mounted onto any surface to transform it into either a full range speaker or a haptic device with a broad operating frequency range. This makes it a viable alternative to the traditional electrodynamic loudspeaker and haptic technology.

Problems we solved

Frequency response

Conventional piezo

Piezo actuators have served as alarms and speakers for decades, offering advantages such as a slim profile and low power consumption. Yet, their effectiveness hinges on their capability to reproduce low frequencies. Unfortunately, conventional piezo speakers struggle to produce audio frequencies below 400Hz, leading to minimal or even nonexistent bass output.

Sound pressure level (SPL) of a typical piezo speaker showing lack of frequency response below 400 Hz


Dragonfly™ is meticulously designed and optimized by top minds in Silicon Valley, employing state-of-the-art DOE and numerical simulation techniques. This effort has resulted in a flat frequency response ranging from 60 to 20 kHz. Furthermore, it provides customization capabilities to adjust the frequency response range and output power to align with the specific needs of any application.

World's first full range piezo speaker with a flat frequency response curve


Piezo materials are typically brittle and can face reliability challenges stemming from drops, handling, vibration, cyclic use, and environmental stress. To address these concerns, Dragonfly incorporates unique protective layers for full encapsulation. Furthermore, material research and optimization ensures the piezo material remain crack-resistant under its various operating conditions.  


Redefine the standard

Thanks to its innovative and highly optimized design (patent pending), Dragonfly™ surpasses both conventional electrodynamic (cone) speakers and other piezo speakers in every aspect.

Low profile

Less than 3mm thick, and thus, ideal for applications with space constraint, e.g., TVs, monitors, tablets.


5-10x lighter than the conventional cone speaker making it perfect for aerospace applications.


3x lower power consumption than the cone speaker. Ideal for EV and battery powered applications.


Enables a seamless and modern interior design by offering hidden speaker applications.


Piezo-based technology, no magnet, no coil, resulting in an EMI-free solution


Dragonfly™ vs. Bose

In this video, it is demonstrated that a piezoelectric speaker including two Dragonfly™ units attached to an unoptimized plastic panel can achieve a comparable level of audio performance to that of a popular electrodynamic Bluetooth speaker. This showcases the impressive capabilities of the Dragonfly™ in delivering high-quality audio output. 


Unlock a world of opportunities

Being ultra thin, lightweight, and efficient, Dragonfly™ audio offers distinct advantages that pave the way for a multitude of potential applications. It provides hardware designers with an exceptional opportunity to create innovative audio solutions that were previously beyond reach.


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