Dragonfly™ speaker

The world’s first full range piezo speaker

Most innovative piezoelectric speaker on the market


Optimized for acoustic

Dragonfly™ is a cutting-edge piezo speaker that has been specially designed to deliver a full range frequency response. With its innovative technology and advanced optimization, this speaker is an ideal choice for a wide range of audio projects that require high-quality sound and seamless integration. 

How To apply it

Easy integration

Unlike cone speakers, Dragonfly™ does not require any supporting structure. Moreover, it comes with pre-applied double-sided tape, so all you need to do is remove the liner and attach it to a flat panel to create a high-quality full range speaker. Additionally, it features thermally-isolated solder pads that make it easy to establish electrical connections.


Redefine the standard

Thanks to its innovative and highly optimized design, Dragonfly™ surpasses both conventional electrodynamic (cone) speakers and other piezo speakers in every aspect.

Audio quality

Superior clarity and directivity, allowing for a more immersive and engaging listening experience.


3x more efficient thanks to high electro-mechanical energy conversion ratio of the piezo material


Installed behind a panel, which offers a wider range of possibilities for seamless interior designs.

Low profile

Less than 3mm thick, and thus, ideal for applications with space constraint, e.g., TVs, monitors, tablets.


Piezo-based technology, no magnet, no coil, resulting in an EMI-free solution


Weighing less than 50 grams, Dragonfly™ is 5 to 10x lighter than an electrodynamic speaker.


Any material

While lightweight, rigid, and large panels may provide optimal performance, the Dragonfly™ piezo speaker is designed to work effectively with virtually any material. Until now, it has been tested with a variety of materials, including ABS, acrylic, aluminum, steel, composite, plywood, foam board, cardboard, and paper, and has consistently delivered outstanding results


Unlock the potential

Dragonfly™ offers distinctive benefits that open the door to numerous potential applications. It presents hardware designers with an incredible opportunity to devise innovative audio solutions that were previously unattainable. 

Efficient piezo speaker for automotive application


Dragonfly™ is highly suitable for electric cars due to its low power consumption. Additionally, as an "invisible" speaker, it seamlessly integrates into the interior design of modern cars.

Top quality piezoelectric speaker for aerospace application


Perfect for aerospace applications due to its lightweight design, and inconspicuous appearance. Its small size allows for easy installation behind various panels within an aircraft cabin.

Innovative piezo speakers for display devices


Enable 3D sound effects that create the impression of sound coming directly from the picture. It is compatible with OLED, QD-OLED, and microLED TVs, monitors, and other displays.

Low cost piezo speaker medical and industrial applications


Ideal choice for medical devices that require IP65. Great for MRI machines, because it emits no electromagnetic field. Easy integration by directly attaching it to the enclosure.

Hidden speakers for smart home


Perfect for various audio projects, e.g. behind-the-wall, cabinet door, canvas hidden smart speakers, home theater & stereo systems, household appliances, indoor robots, guitar amps.

Novel thin flat panel speaker for industrial and commercial applications


Great for commercial/industrial applications, e.g., thin panel speakers for conference rooms, retail spaces, and churches, where a sleek, robust design and high-quality sound are desired.

Dragonfly™ Development Kit

Part # DRA-KIT-S01


  • Plug and play development kit which includes everything you need to experience full range piezo speakers
  • Comes with pre-attached double sided tape for easy integration
  • Include both 3.5mm standard jack and Bluetooth for audio input
  • Lead-free material available upon request

What's included

  • 1 x Audio amplifier (power, audio input, output cables are pre-connected to the AMP)
  • 1x Dragonfly™ DRA10022-S2
  • 1x Dragonfly™ DRA10022-S4


  • Price: $499.00. Free US and international shipping

*Not for personal use


Question & Answer

The Dragonfly™ piezo speaker tents to have higher sound pressure level at higher frequencies (>5 kHz). For basic applications such as alarms and voice, an equalizer may not be necessary. But, for other applications that require high-fidelity audio, we recommend to use an equalizer/filter or digital signal processing (DSP) to fine-tune and achieve the desired frequency response curve.  

Yes. When a panel is curved in a single direction, the Dragonfly™ can be applied in the same manner as it would be on a flat panel. However, if the panel is curved in multiple directions, we can customize the Dragonfly™ to match curvature of the  panel by shaping it accordingly.

Normally, a single Dragonfly™ speaker is adequate to deliver a comprehensive audio experience in a typical application. However, in cases where more extensive audio output, an extended frequency range, or a 3D/stereo sound effect is desired, multiple Dragonfly™ speakers can be utilized, particularly on larger surfaces like a TV.

Dragonfly™ itself produces minimal sound due to its limited surface area. Instead, it functions by inducing vibrations onto the panel it is attached to, utilizing the panel’s vibrations as the means to radiate sound. By leveraging the panel’s vibration, Dragonfly™ amplifies the input sound and delivers immersive and dynamic audio experiences. 

Incorporating an external resistor in series with Dragonfly™ is effective in preventing overcurrent and overheating concerns. However, this action introduces an RC low-pass filter circuit that could potentially attenuate the sounds. Therefore, it is advisable to select a resistor value that is not excessively high. For guidance, a value of 20 ohms or below is recommended, as it will have a minimal impact on the audio output.

You have the flexibility to employ any standard audio amplifier, such as those of class D, A, AB, or similar types, to drive the Dragonfly™ speaker. However, it’s worth noting that commercially available audio amplifiers might not be perfectly suited for the Dragonfly™ speaker, as they frequently offer a relatively low voltage (<30V) and higher power (>100W) than required. To achieve the best performance, we strongly recommend using a custom-designed amplifier with a higher max power stage supply voltage (35-65V) and lower power output (2-10W). For your convenience, here is a list of amplifier ICs and boards that can be used in designing a custom amplifier:

IRS2092SPBF high voltage amplifier IC

IRS2092s amplifier board on Amazon

TPA3255 class D amplifier IC

TPA3255 amplifier board on Amazon

Yes, it is. The optimal installation location for Dragonfly™ on your panel will vary depending on the construction of the panel and its boundary conditions. To determine the ideal installation configuration for your specific application, our team of application engineers is available to provide support and guidance.  

It can be customized to fit the specific size and power requirements of various applications. We can built it as small as 40x6x0.5 mm3.  

Yes, our engineering samples are available for order. Please send us an inquiry or discuss your specific needs with our engineers today at contact@flora.tech