Piezoelectric Speaker Technology

Discover the most robust piezoelectric speaker solution.

Cross-section of a conventional electrodynamic loudspeaker

The opportunity

A powerful alternative to the outdated electrodynamic speaker

For many decades, conventional speaker technology has relied on a voice coil and a permanent magnet, but it has remained largely unchanged. This outdated approach is not only bulky and cumbersome, but also inherently inefficient. 

piezo speaker

400 Hz floor

The piezoelectric speaker is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to their low profile and power consumption. However, the ability to produce low frequencies is crucial for their effectiveness. Unfortunately, existing piezo speakers are limited in their capacity to generate audio frequencies below 400Hz, resulting in minimal to no bass output.

Sound pressure level (SPL) of a typical piezo speaker showing lack of frequency response below 400 Hz

Our technology

Introducing Dragonfly™

Dragonfly™ is an innovative piezoelectric speaker (exciter) featuring extended “wings” at its ends, specifically designed to vibrate a flat panel and transform it into a sound radiator. The meticulous optimization of the wings allows the speaker to extend its frequency response into the lower end, enabling the panel to reproduce frequencies ranging from 60 to 20 kHz. As a result, Dragonfly™ can serve as a viable substitute for most electrodynamic loudspeakers, including woofers, midranges, and tweeters.


The perfect piezoelectric speaker solution

Dragonfly™ has been fine-tuned by the most brilliant minds in Silicon Valley, leveraging the latest techniques in DOE and numerical simulation. As a result, it boasts a flat, full-range frequency response and exceptional output and performance. Furthermore, it can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each application in terms of frequency response and output power.

World's first full range piezo speaker with a flat frequency response curve


Dragonfly™ vs. Bose

In this video, it is demonstrated that a piezoelectric speaker including two Dragonfly™ units attached to an unoptimized plastic panel can achieve a comparable level of audio performance to that of a popular electrodynamic Bluetooth speaker. This showcases the impressive capabilities of the Dragonfly™ in delivering high-quality audio output. 


Designed to last

In contrast to other piezo transducers available in the market, our products are designed with two rigid protective layers to fully encapsulate it, providing superior protection against harsh handling and environments with high humidity and chemical exposure. Moreover, structure is highly optimized using numerical simulation and DOE to ensure the piezo layers do not develop cracks even when subjected to extremely high deflection.

Piezoelectric speaker with high reliability

3D sound

Sound from the screen

Dragonfly™ units can be applied directly on the back of an OLED (or microLED) display enabling the display to produce stereo sound. The outcome is a 3D immersive sound experience that surpasses that of conventional TV speakers, delivering crisp and transparent audio that is perfectly aligned to the displayed visuals. In addition, it allows the TV to be much thinner. 

Novel piezoelectric speakers for TVs, monitors, tablets, laptops


2 in 1 haptic engine speaker

Dragonfly™ functions as a mechanical exciter and is capable of producing powerful vibrations on your display. Not only does it operate as a speaker, but it can also function as a haptic engine simultaneously. When used with a touch-enabled display, Dragonfly™ can offer your customers an exceptional haptic experience.



* Assume acoustic output is fixed when comparing the other features


* Competitors include other piezoelectric speakers on the market

Cone speakers

* Data of a typical full-range electrodynamic speaker

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