Medical devices

Piezo speakers for dialysis, ultrasound, patient monitors… 


EMI, IP65, and high cost

Electromagnetic interference (EMI) can indeed impact the functionality of sensitive medical equipment in hospitals, such as MRI and CT scanners, as well as patient monitors. As a result, components, including speakers in medical devices, must adhere to EMI requirements. Additionally, many of these components are also required to meet IP65 standards for waterproofing, as they may come into contact with liquids and chemicals. These stringent requirements often lead to increased component costs, reflecting the need for specialized, high-quality materials to ensure the performance, reliability and safety of medical equipment. 


Invisible piezo speakers

Being a piezo speaker, Dragonfly™ is completely EMI-free. Its ultra-slim profile allows for convenient attachment to the backside of existing enclosures in medical devices. Since it’s concealed behind the enclosure, it inherently meets IP65 standards. Furthermore, the straightforward integration process (no need for supporting structures, holes, or grilles) and competitive component costs present a substantial cost saving opportunity for device manufacturers.

Other Applications

Unlock the potential

Being thin, lightweight, and efficient, Dragonfly™ offers distinct advantages that pave the way for a multitude of potential applications. It provides hardware designers with an exceptional opportunity to create innovative audio solutions that were previously beyond reach.