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Unboxing: Dragonfly™ Piezo Speaker Development Kit

Dragonfly™ DevKit Unboxing Introducing the Dragonfly™ Piezo Speaker Development Kit – your gateway to the future of audio with cutting-edge piezo technology. The kit includes


Flat Panel Speakers – A Quick Review

Introduction Curious or confused about flat panel speakers? Join us on a journey as we explore their diverse types, from classic electrostatic speakers to cutting-edge


Everything you need to know about piezo speakers

Table of Contents Introduction Piezo speakers, also referred to as piezoelectric speakers, piezo loudspeakers, piezo buzzers, and piezo tweeters, are audio devices that leverage the


Reliability of Piezoelectric Actuators

Introduction Piezoelectric actuators are widely used in various applications such as precision positioning systems, micropumps, valves, and nanopositioning systems. These actuators operate on the principle


Loudspeaker measurements and performance metrics

Introduction Accurate measurement of speakers is vital for understanding their performance and ensuring optimal sound reproduction. By quantifying parameters like frequency response, sound pressure level,

Modern speaker technology

Where is loudspeaker technology going

Introduction Loudspeakers technology has come a long way since its inception, revolutionizing the way we experience audio. As advancements in technology continue to shape the

piezoelectric actuator

Steps to design a piezo bender

Introduction Piezo benders, including unimorphs, bimorphs, and multi-morphs, are fascinating devices that utilize the piezoelectric effect to generate precise motion through mechanical displacement. These actuators