Custom piezoelectric benders

Most reliable piezoelectric actuators  


Designed to exceed expectations

Our piezoelectric benders stand out not only for their outstanding performance but also for their super reliability and seamless integration. 

  • We have optimized our actuators for maximum displacement, allowing for precise and efficient operation. 
  • The design includes two protective layers that fully encapsulate the actuator, providing an extra layer of defense and ensuring super reliability even in demanding applications.
  • To ensure seamless integration, our actuators feature thermally isolated solder pads for electrical integration. This allows multiple rework cycles without risking any damage to the piezo layer.


Unmatched durability

Engineered to eliminate cracks and humidity-related failure modes, our piezoelectric benders are built to withstand mishandling and even accidental drops. Rest assured that our meticulously crafted piezo actuators have been thoroughly tested, enduring billions of bending cycles without any signs of failure or degradation.



Unlock a world of opportunities


Vibration control, biomimetics, energy harvesting...


Precision control, hydraulic valves, micropumps, flow control...


Wide range of other applications, e.g. robotics, cooling fan, UAV


Solutions for your exact needs

From shape specifications to performance requirements like displacement and blocking force, we offer customized solutions that ensure a perfect fit. With a wide range of integration options available such as solder pads and FPC, our custom piezoelectric actuators easily integrate into diverse systems, providing flexibility and efficiency for your projects. We prioritize fast prototyping. Our lead time for custom piezo samples can be as short as three business days

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For your convenience, we offer the option to order piezo benders directly on our website. Whether you need one or ten standard or custom samples, our typical lead time is just three business days.


Question & Answer

Choosing between a unimorph and a bimorph piezoelectric actuator depends on your specific requirements. Unlike a unimorph, a bimorph actuator delivers symmetrical deflection/displacement in both positive and negative directions. Bimorph actuators typically offer higher displacement and greater flexibility in driving configuration. Additionally, bimorph actuators have a flat shape, while unimorph actuators have a curved shape. Conversely, unimorph actuators are lighter and more cost-effective compared to bimorph alternatives.

You can partially or completely remove the inactive part at the end of the actuator using a diamond saw, CNC, or scissors. The active (piezo) part can also be cut using a diamond saw. However, caution should be exercised as dust from the piezo material can be considered hazardous.

In general, longer piezoelectric benders tend to exhibit higher deflection and lower blocking force. The blocking force of an piezo bender is directly proportional to its width, while the displacement is relatively insensitive to the width. On the other hand, thicker bending actuators offer higher blocking force and slightly lower deflection. 

To drive the piezo actuators, you’ll require a function generator and a linear amplifier to amplify the signal. Commercially available options include piezo linear amplifier modules or benchtop units from brands like Piezo Drive and PI. If you prefer to develop a custom driver, you have several IC options to explore.

  • Boreas: https://www.boreas.ca/products/bos1901-piezo-haptic-driver 
  • TI: https://www.ti.com/motor-drivers/actuator-drivers/piezo-drivers/overview.html 

The piezo actuator can be manufactured as small as 10 x 2 x 0.5 mm, with virtually no limitations on its potential size.