Flora Innovations at CES 2024

Flora Innovations marked a successful presence at CES 2024, introducing our groundbreaking piezo composite technology. The showcased demos highlighted pioneering applications, ranging from surface-generated sound to haptic experiences for touch screens, smart gloves, wearables, and beyond.

Our durable Dragonfly piezo actuators stole the spotlight, demonstrating their versatility and unveiling the limitless potential of our technology. The positive response from attendees further fueled our determination to innovate, pushing the boundaries to deliver solutions that surpass expectations.

The event provided a platform to connect with numerous potential customers, partners, and investors, solidifying our presence in the industry. The invaluable customer feedback received at CES serves as a driving force for our commitment to excellence.

Moreover, CES offered valuable insights into emerging tech trends, reinforcing our resolve to stay at the forefront of the dynamic technological landscape. In summary, CES 2024 was an incredible experience, marking a significant milestone for Flora Innovations.

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