Showcasing Our Piezo Speaker Solutions at Busworld 2024

Last week, our founder, Dr. Tony, had the pleasure of attending the Busworld trade show in Istanbul, alongside our strategic partner, Ellamp Systems. We were thrilled to showcase our cutting-edge piezo speaker solutions designed specifically for buses.

Our advanced piezo speakers captured significant interest from both local and international attendees. We demonstrated the versatility of our speakers by showcasing their performance on various bus panels, including ceilings, sides, and even floor panels. Our speakers deliver immersive sound across a range of materials such as aluminum honeycomb core composites, aluminum sandwich panels, PP, PU, and PVC boards.

The excellent sound quality, easy integration, and low power consumption make our piezo speakers an ideal solution for all types of buses, including mini buses, city buses, and coaches. This successful event not only highlighted the superior performance of our products but also reinforced our commitment to fully supporting our strategic partners.

We look forward to continuing our innovation and collaboration, providing top-notch solutions for the transportation industry. Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and showed interest in our technology!

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