Exploring the power of piezo materials: From haptic actuators to energy harvesters


Piezo materials have revolutionized various industries with their unique properties and applications. These materials, known for their ability to convert mechanical energy into electrical signals and vice versa, have paved the way for groundbreaking advancements in areas such as piezo actuators, sensors, speakers, haptic engines, fans, micropumps, and
energy harvesters. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of piezo material and explore its wide-ranging applications.

1. Piezo actuators

Piezoelectric actuators

Piezo actuators utilize the ability of piezo material to expand or contract in response to an electric field. These actuators offer precise and rapid movements, making them ideal for applications such as nanopositioning systems, precision motors, and robotic actuators. Their compact size, high force generation, and low power consumption make them indispensable in various industries.

2. Piezo sensors

Piezo sensors work on the principle of the piezoelectric effect, where mechanical stress generates an electrical charge. These sensors are highly sensitive and can detect minute changes in pressure, acceleration, and force. Their applications include load cells, film sensors, accelerometers in industries such as automotive, healthcare, and aerospace, where precise and reliable sensing is crucial.

3. Piezo speakers

Innovative flat-panel piezoelectric speaker

Piezo buzzers are compact and efficient audio devices that utilize the piezoelectric effect to produce sound. They are commonly used in various applications such as alarms, timers, electronic devices, and communication systems. With their small size, low power consumption, and easy integration, piezo buzzers provide reliable and audible alerts in a wide range of industries.

The Dragonfly™ is an innovative flat panel piezo speaker that harnesses the power of piezoelectric technology to deliver full range high-quality sound. With its slim profile, efficiency, and seamless integration capabilities, Dragonfly™ is ideal for a range of applications. From automotive to home audio systems, Dragonfly™ offers immersive sound experiences with its cutting-edge flat panel design.

4. Piezo Haptic Engines

haptic actuators

Piezo haptic actuators / engines provide tactile feedback in electronic devices, enhancing user interactions and creating immersive experiences. These engines utilize piezo material’s ability to generate vibrations and precise movements, offering realistic haptic sensations. They are widely used in smartphones, gaming controllers, wearables, and other devices where tactile feedback enhances user engagement.

5. Piezo fans

Piezo fans employ the piezoelectric effect to generate airflow without the need for traditional rotating blades. These fans are compact, silent, and energy-efficient, making them suitable for cooling electronic components in small spaces, such as laptops, projectors, and gaming consoles.

6. Energy harvesters

Piezo energy harvesters convert mechanical vibrations or movements into electrical energy. These devices play a crucial role in powering low-energy electronic devices or acting as sensors in remote or inaccessible locations. They find applications in wireless sensor networks, wearable devices, and industrial monitoring systems.

7. Micropumps

Piezo micropumps utilize piezo material’s ability to deform under an electric field to create fluid flow. These micropumps are small, lightweight, and capable of precise control, making them valuable in applications such as drug delivery systems, inkjet printers, and microfluidic devices


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Flora’s latest piezo transducer technology brings forth the ability to generate imperceptible sound throughout a home or commercial setting. With this cutting-edge innovation, audio can be seamlessly integrated into any space, while a new era of distinctive speakers offers captivating methods to conceal sound sources. Furthermore, Dragonfly™, as a full range flat panel piezo speaker, possesses attributes that align with the future of loudspeaker technology. Its lightweight and thin design enable portability and invisible integration, while its immersive sound experience contributes to the advancement of audio technologies. By embracing efficiency and sustainability, Dragonfly aligns with the industry’s focus on eco-conscious practices. As the future unfolds, Dragonfly’s unique qualities can help shape the way we experience audio, delivering high-quality sound in a portable, seamless, and sustainable manner.

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